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TimeSplitters Rewind

Postby Artur » Sun 7. Jul 2013, 23:26

I'm not a news guy and therefore, I don't really write about the latest stuff. And when I do, it’s often quite late.

Better late than never: TimeSplitters Rewind is a fan-made game using the CryEngine 3. The release date will be sometime this year. The project is supported by CryTek, as they gave permission to develop this game. There are also employees from CryTek and CryTek UK helping with the development.

As this project is still in development, there is not much to say about it right now. The official home page just presents you with a "Coming Soon" image. There is also a Facebook page which is updated from time to time with new stuff about the game. Just not long ago they also released a dev. video for Training Ground.

We can just hope everything works well with the development and they can hold there release promise.

And not to forgot: They also already worked on the Main Theme of the game.
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Re: TimeSplitters Rewind

Postby Gretel Mk Monkey » Wed 24. Jul 2013, 17:07

I never really paid attention to the rocks at the edges of the map but now that those aren't textured, dear gawd do they look ugly when it comes to the shape. <_<

Hopefully turrets will be added. It otherwise looks good.
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