Favourite tileset?

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Favourite tileset?

Postby Gretel Mk Monkey » Wed 15. Aug 2012, 19:37

Quite a lot of "Favourite ____" topics, eh?

Mine is Alien TS1 in how it looks. I just love it, even though those do feel a little bit too small for the gameplay.

In gameplay, I like Industrial from TS2. That's because of the pipes in the tiles, which allow more stuff to do and places to hide.
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Re: Favourite tileset?

Postby Artur » Thu 16. Aug 2012, 18:45

Hard to pick a tileset out of all three games. If it would be available I would totally pick Gothic from TimeSplitters 2. Apart from that one I do like the industrial from TS2 as it has so many broken parts which gives a little bit more variety in the level as Gmm already stated.
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