Create achievements to the series

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Create achievements to the series

Postby Gretel Mk Monkey » Fri 17. Aug 2012, 21:13

(Not talking about Arcade Awards)
If TimeSplitters series would get HD collection released, what trophies/achievements you would make to the games, if you would be able to?

For example:
I, am, Iron man! (TS2)
- Achieve a killing spree of 25 as R One Oh Seven

Splitter of All Trades (TSFP)
- Win at least once in every game mode as Berserker Splitter

Ridicolous achievements are just in! (Any game)
- Win one match of deathmatch by hitting the score limit, which is 100, without dying more than once and not using small character

Ding, ding, ding...Wait what? (TS2 or TSFP)
- Lose one match of deathmatch when you are the first player to get one kill left message

X Factor (TS2)
- Complete Robot Factory on Hard without dying

These were supposed to be Hard? (TS2 or TSFP)
- Complete all levels on Hard without dying or reloading from last checkpoint, without turning off the console

Joke's on you (Any game)
- When being stuck by a mine, force the enemy who stuck you with the mine to commit suicide

Duty Called, they don't want you back (TSFP)
- Kill 8 enemies through walls with Mag Charger in a match while being in one spot

Outnumbered, outgunned, and still owning (Any game)
- Win a match using only fists and having more kills than deaths in deathmatch
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Re: Create achievements to the series

Postby Artur » Fri 17. Aug 2012, 21:15

Here are three from me :D

No Monkeys for You (TS2 and TSFP)
- Played over 100 games without being a Monkey.

The Monkey In You (TS2 and TSFP)
- Play over 100 games as a monkey.

Make The Impossible Possible (TS2)
- Get platin on every arcade misson and challenge.
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