Favourite animal

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Favourite animal

Postby Gretel Mk Monkey » Wed 8. Aug 2012, 14:27

There are hundreds and hundreds of different animals. Everyone musts have at least one animal, which they like.

My personal favourite is cheetah. Cute, cat and fast, all in one animal. What more can you hope from an animal?
Meow mau meowcatty mau.
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Re: Favourite animal

Postby Artur » Wed 8. Aug 2012, 21:34

That would be for me cats in overall. I don't have a favourite type, just a normal cat and yeah that's it :D

I do want a "savannah cat". Those look pretty nice.
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Re: Favourite animal

Postby FezzyBear » Sun 12. Aug 2012, 13:20

Hmm. I'm tempted to say a bear, but I think birds are great. Just any type of bird, really. I'm fascinated by them.
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Re: Favourite animal

Postby Jason Statham » Tue 23. Jul 2013, 18:17

1. Dogs

2. Cats

3. Sloth
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