Why all the hate for Escort?

With this game our beloved series began

Why all the hate for Escort?

Postby Jason Statham » Mon 22. Jul 2013, 19:11

It was fun, and way better than Knockout and Last Stand.
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Jason Statham
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Re: Why all the hate for Escort?

Postby FezzyBear » Mon 22. Jul 2013, 19:34

I tried to do my first run-through of TimeSplitters about a year ago, and have a feeling I got hung up on one of those Escort missions and it stopped me from progressing through to other challenges. Either that or I passed it eventually, and with great difficulty.

I'll need to get back into the game sometime.
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Re: Why all the hate for Escort?

Postby Gretel Mk Monkey » Sun 28. Jul 2013, 19:26

If I remember correctly, it is boring due to how weak the escort is. Maybe it was the weapon set or something but the only time I played it outside of the challenges the escort died almost instantly when I went to pick up a weapon.
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